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Looking for a place where you can find your inspiration and communicate with famous fashion designers from all around the world? If the answer to this question is “YES”, you should definitely check out IlikeMyStyle.

The online community formed on this social website gathers artists and art creators from all around the world, covering all the social and cultural environments and combining the beauty and the innovations brought by each one with the design and modern technologies available on the market.

Fashion Week

In order to be a successful artist, there are at least 2 things you must be proficient at: the ability to create new and exciting ideas and the ability to manage and create a strong advertising campaign to promote your final product. Being a top ranked artist requires a lot of time and investment in your work and involves the possession of knowledge from all cultures on the planet.

To be able to create an artistic product, that qualifies in all cultural and social environments and takes value into their fields of activity, the strengths and weaknesses of each civilization must be very well known. Living in the modern era, where discrimination is associated with any kind of unprofessional behavior, it is harder and harder to become a specialist in fashion, while also staying true to yourself as an individual.

Basically, every domain that requires an artistic print is affected by the modern world’s conception and each unique way of acting can be easily misunderstood with domestic violence. To create a presence inside the community, the I Like My Style editors and influencers have invited top ranked artists to take part in this awesome society and to try to stop this ongoing process of cultural delimitation and separation.

The main goal of this online community is to exchange information from various cultures and to create ideas that may become, eventually, the next directions, for the younger artists, to be followed. The accomplishment of the baseline principles that stands at the very own creation of this online community is fulfilled through the participation and collaboration of all our fashion experts.

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Fashion Artists & Designers from India, China, Japan, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Morocco, Egypt, and Argentina are all invited to join our site as we exchange cutting-edge ideas and work to develop new strategic enterprises that will change fashion and style as we know it!  We also expect local experts from cities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego to bring their diverse knowledge and high expectations to the forefront.

Having a working program conducted by all major artists and designers from the main civilizations currently existing in the world can only lead to a better world, We admire the professionalism, implication and desire to have a great contribution to the history of modern day fashion with the ultimate goal to transform the cultural barriers and get the best ideas out of all our visitors.

Many current ideas and principles that were implemented into fashion shows and parades were initially created here inside this tiny community, with the help of all of our contributors. We are forever indebted to our many users who have helped grow this site to what it is today!

Throughout the entire fashion and style universe, it is considered to be a high honor to be part of this exclusive community.  Every artist we target must understand how valuable this presentation is. Only the top fashion designers who respect all aspects of our industry can amplify their image in the current world. It’s our goal at IlikeMyStyyle to improve fashion as we know it and come up with unique and revolutionary ideas that will forever change how we go about our lives.

These ideas are, finally, slightly modified by representing every person of each culture, in order to let the details of the conditions and principles of how we feel the fashion industry should be managed. There is but one fashion direction, and the final product can’t be anything else than a bounty of brand new ideas and specifications, created and established by the most brilliant minds of the 21st century.


80s Prom Dresses Make A Fashion Comeback


Where 80s Prom Dresses are concerned, fashion trends are always changing. 80s prom dresses were popular in the ’80s and are making a comeback today! This vintage style has lasting appeal, but what exactly is the reason why this fashion statement is making such a comeback? It’s probably because so many people remember what it was like to live in the moment and not worry about what people think about their style. Prom dresses are fun and bring back the vintage style that we all remember. These dresses have a retro past but promise to deliver new fashion trends in 2022.


80s Prom Dress Fashion Trends To Remember

As 80’s Prom Dresses make a comeback, it is exciting to see where the fashion trends will go next. We can tell this trend has lasting appeal as there are thousands of posts on twitter and instagram with people detailing their favorite memories about their prom dresses from the 1980s. This fashion moment was fun at the time and now the dresses bring back the vintage style that we all remember. Versatility is another key factor when it comes to these clothing items as 80s prom dresses come in so many different colors, fabrics styles to chose from.


80’s Prom Dresses Are Now Selling As Costumes

No matter what 80’s prom dress you’re looking for there’s a chance you can find it online or at a neighborhood clothing store or thrift shop. That’s because these prom dresses that were so popular a few decades ago are now seen as vintage and an 80s prom dress for sale can bring big bucks on the secondary market. We all remember what it was like to wear these beautiful outfits and now much to our surprise people are searching online for 80’s prom dress ideas to wear to a costume party. Who knew that this pinnacle of style would be so popular these days!

Now might be time for you to consider buying an 80s prom dress because these beautiful outfits with laces, ruffles, puffy sleeves, bold patterns, shoulder pads and bright colors have become hot again. Whereas you definitely fit in back in the 80s wearing huge dresses with puffy sleeves, people now see those outfits as a costume and not a fashion choice. You may ask, what do we think about this latest fashion trend? In short, it all depends. Yes, it’s great that people are remembering the great outfits and prom dresses that we all wore back in the 80s. These various dresses were great and cheap at the time and didn’t take much to put together. Now you can spend upwards of $300 for a vintage 80’s prom dress and that’s not even including all the accessories that made these dresses so great. The only downfall is that these are seen as costumes or parodies of a bygone era, when in fact we all know we looked good at the time!


If 80s Prom Dresses Are Making A Comeback Then Where What Happens Next

What happens next is that we don’t know what the public’s response will be to this new fashion trend. Do people look at 80’s prom dresses as something that’s a joke and only wear them to parties or vintage events? Or could the unthinkable happen and may these outfits become a new fashion statement much like some of the most popular dresses and outfits from the 60s and 70s that became in vogue again in the early 2000s. We won’t know what happens until the moment presents itself. We may feel that we’re headed in that direction but ultimately the fashion world is fickle and the team at I Like My Style is poised to sit on the sidelines and wait to see what happens. Whatever becomes of the fashion trend that is 80’s prom dresses we don’t know, but it’s good to see that so many people appreciate a good dress!


Find an 80's prom dress for sale to relive your best fashion and style!

Fashion Trends To Remember Over The Past Decade

We’ve seen so many changes in fashion over the past decade and many of these new trends are here to stay. Try to explain in one article the incredible amount of changes over the past decade and it would conceivably take way too long to break down the recent evolution of fashion. Some of the best fashion designers have always said that there would be no change if fashion stayed the same. That’s true when it comes to clothing design, but can you imagine that being the case if we kept the same wardrobes? There are possibilities that the creation of such events will be conducted even at a distance, just like a virtual one, and will be even more effective because of the powered ability to sell merchandise and obtain funds on a large scale.

Clothing and accessories are crucial components of everyone’s wardrobe, and they have to be designed with a lot of specifics, consider a designer suit that reveals the contours of a certain waistline or paint suit. Now, look at a neck-line that is not expensive with a high end designer glasses that suit a certain hairstyle. The idea of having the best ideals and designs deeply rooted in this community can ensure the authenticity of future events. Also, by entering into transparent and extensively labeled competitions one can find real challenges and opportunities that can help the young men and women develop their fields into something more reputable and valuable.

This is an ideal way to promote real cultural and spiritual values in the community in the long run. Not only do we need to reflect on the ethical changes we’ve made with fashion and design in the past decade, but we also need to consider a diverse new landscape that allows in all people who would like to work in the fashion industry.