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There is nothing more exciting for an artist than to overcome his nature and learn new things and concepts. In order to fulfill this never accomplished dream of all creators and art designers in the entire world, the I Like My Style community has been created.

Established since 1999, by some of the most important art designers from that time, it has been considered even from its beginnings, a community with a very high social impact towards the newly created directions and events to be planned.

Conceptions and Principles

Due to its worldwide known reputation, the, online platform, has become one of the most respected and admired websites on the entire Internet.

Its principles and beliefs that stand at the base of its creation have assured a high quality result of the export products and ideas and have attracted young artists from the entire world, to communicate and share their new, modern ideas with the online members.

Probably the most important factor that contributed to the never ending increase in the I Like My Style community reputation and importance is the fusion of the mixed cultural ideologies, commonly seen in the new directions created by this society, and the high value team, able to shape and innovate the new conceptions and trends that are coming each day to the fashion factory of thoughts.

Webinaries and Seminaries

In most cases, the meetings planned by this society are placed in weekends, when all its members are available to get to the specified location. But this fact doesn’t stand in many situations. In order to eliminate the necessity of being physically present to all events, the I Like My Style community created a secured and encrypted mean of communication, through which online conferences may be held without any outside interferences.

Webinaries, or online conferences, have become a usual way of planning and discussing about the society’s concerns and problems, due to the high portability and scalability of the newly designed software, and also due to its user friendly interface and secured communication.