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To reach I Like My Style community, you have several ways available. Either by visiting their online platform,, or reaching to their monthly seminaries, you can gain really valuable information from them.

CompanyI Like My Style
AddressViale Coni Zugna, nr. 337
CityMilano, Italy
Phone+4 0788 467 777
Fax+4 0788 901 777

Newsletter Subscription

In order to stay updated with the latest news in terms of worldwide fashion trends and directions, but also to be able to become members of this fantastic community, you are required to subscribe to the society’s newsletter.

To accomplish this task, all you need to do is to write your email address in the newsletter textbox and click the Subscribe button. A verification and confirmation email will be send to your address and you need to click the provided link in order to activate the newsletter service.

Mobile Application Updates

Another very useful service available for you is the I Like My Style mobile application. You can view the latest news and updates towards the new fashion directions and you can share directly from your mobile device, your ideas and conceptions, as well as your comments, on how you think it can be improved the actual state of the design industry.

The application is available to be downloaded from the app store of your mobile platform provider and it can be installed directly on your device, without any required credentials and codes.

Stay in touch with the latest improves in our modern technology and prepare for the new fashion wave that threatens to be more powerful and with a higher impact than all the previous ones gathered together.