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Let’s start with the explanation of the expression ‘fashion week’. This represents an event in the fashion industry that lasts almost a week and in which some well-known designers appear to show up their lasts collections in a runway show. They use models to show the new products to potential clients and media.

The I Like My Style community has a very important role in terms of event organization and planning, as most of the top creators and artists that are involved in this action are also members of this famous community. For pre-released videos and sequences of the fashion week, please visit our homepage and watch the latest progress.

The most important fashion weeks which are held in our days take place in the best four fashion capitals: New York, Milan, London, and Paris. Due to the fashion week’s importance, there are some other centers which host such events like Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and Tokyo.

Early history of fashion weeks

As you may have thought, the concept of fashion weeks started in Paris where the marketers hired women to dress in their products and to wear them in public places. In time, these fashion parades (as they were called) have developed and started to show in the manner they are today. The French still call the runaways as ‘defiles de mode’.

The first fashion week which has ever held was the New York Fashion Week, in 1943. The fact is that this fashion week appeared just to attract distraction from French Fashion Week during World War II.

When it comes about the history of the Big Four fashion weeks, you would like to know that they were first held in different years, as follows: the couture shows were first held in Paris in 1945, the Milan Fashion Week was founded in 1958 by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and lately, in 1984 was founded the London Fashion Week by the British Fashion Council.

The timing of the Big Four events

These kinds of events are held twice per year in the following order in the major fashion capitals of all over the world: New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Fortunately, the designers show their collections in a traditional way due to the fact that they want their clients to have time, so the fashion weeks are held with several months before the season: the autumn and the winter collection are shown up in February or March, while the spring and summer collections are shown up in September or October.

Besides these types of shows, there are held some events called ‘see now, buy now’ as the demand of the clients has increased in the last years.

I bet you didn’t know

  • Usually, the runaways last for 15 to 20 minutes, even if the time to start the show may be for two hours. I used to think that the fashion shows last for at least an hour.
  • They were not so glamorous from the beginning. The fame and the ‘social media’ event came after the ‘trade-only’ start.
  • Each fashion week has more than 100 events, such as charity events, gala dinners and runaway shows. There are many people who compare the Fashion Week with the Oscars.
  • The smallest fashion weeks are held in Croatia, Iran and Pakistan.

I think that this kind of event is truly important in the fashion industry, especially in our days in which almost everyone is paying attention to what he buys or dresses. In fact, with this industry in a continuous change, there are some people really affected about it and the fashion weeks give us the chance to keep up with this change I was talking about.

Even if you are not a fashion addict, you definitely have to take part in this kind of event (even just to see the luxury and glamour of it).