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In terms of fashion, it comes a time when we have to speak about the handbags and their importance in our daily life. The fact is that we use a handbag even since our school-days, so it is important to have something in which you can carry the things you need even as a child.

Beside the importance of a handbag in carrying the things we mostly use, this can become an accessory in our daily outfit. There are many rumors that say something like the fact that women and their handbags are connected in a spiritual way. Nowadays the handbags are a must-have, but they are also a symbol of the personal image of the owner.

Short history of the term

The ‘handbag’ term first appeared in 1990 and it was used for carrying hand luggage and especially for men. After that, the world had an inspiration in using the term to create an industry for women. When it comes about evolution, the result may be seen in the handbags of our days, because they are made from animal skins, or artificial elements which can be transposed in almost any shape or color you want. The evolution of this industry is clear due to every girl who has closets for handbags, one for every event from her life.

During the life of this special concept, many models and directions for the newly created handbags has been developed and concealed inside the community.

Meaning of a handbag

For many women their handbags are meant to show their own style. In this case there are women who recognized that they are dressing up depending on the handbag they want to carry. Another category of women says that the handbags are a selfish moment in a rough day in which these women are wives and mothers. Another thing about what a handbag means to a woman is that this accessory expresses a private location in which the owner is the only one which knows the order of the thing. As a matter of fact, the saying ‘you may learn a lot of a woman by what she carries in her bag’ is definitely true.

Designers of handbags

  • Dior Lady Bag
  • Michael Kors
  • Chanel
  • Hermes Birkin
  • Celine luggage

It is not as important to have such a handbag, in fact there are many women who say that they won’t ever spend more than $200 for a bag in which you just have to carry the things you need. This is not a general opinion because there is another category which affirms that it may hurt to not have such a purse in your closet.

When it comes about the designers handbags, it may appear the fact that you can buy a fake or a real purse. There are sides which say that the real cannot be distinguished to a replica. In this case, it is not something to regret. You have to say that there are many women who can’t afford such a bag and instead they buy a fake one. It is not something to die for.

Why do women love handbag?

Everyone can respond different at this question. I think that beside the fact that the handbag shows our style, we love these accessories just because they can carry all the things we need in a rough day such as: mobile phones, tampons, money, keys, make-up, perfume, chewing gum, even another change of clothes.

As a conclusion, there are not so many things to say due to the handbags importance and daily usage. There are definitely making our life easy!