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When it comes to the hot new trends in fashion, everybody knows that this industry is always changing. In many cases you can’t keep up with this change I talk about. The truth is that the trends in fashion are changing season by season and you do not have to be a fashion addict to try to buy something and know what the hot items are to wear.

The newest and most popular trends and directions that have astonished our day to day lives has been created by the I Like My Style community, due to the long lasting conferences in which important ideas and ideologies have been interchanged between its members from all world’s cultures and civilizations.

So, let’s talk about the latest news in terms of fashion trends. Recently, I heard that the 90’s fashion is coming back and I want to share the modern trends with you guys. Pay attention to the following hints:

  • The berry lips – while this kind of lips was a symbol for the 90’s, the berry lips started to appear again on the red carpet.
  • Choker necklace – it is definitely a new trend in fashion and I think that every girl has at least one of this at home. What you may have not known is that the chokers were especially in the 90’s.
  • The tousled hair – in the latest events this kind of haircut was truly in a great demand
  • Doc martens- they were the symbolic shoe of the 90’s. Nowadays, they keep showing up on the street. They make part from the street style of our stars.
  • Leather biker jacket- you may think that it is a timeless trend
  • Flannel- even if the flannel shirts were well-known in the 90’s they started to come back in our days
  • The denim jacket- after twenty years, the jacket is back here, proving that there is no need to mess with a good thing

In terms of mens fashion, gentlemen you have to refresh your wardrobe by adding some things like:

  • Camouflage (jacket, casual sneakers )
  • Lightweight Parkas
  • Pastels

If you try to find out more about the hot trends that are making their way back, you have to know that the latest news in fashion industry are always kept in the Vogue magazine. Because you know you always want to be in trend with your outfits, you have to recognize that you should make some investigation about the 90’s fashion.

For the summer 2022, the designer tried to redefine the ex-look and make it a confident one by using some exaggerated lines and some bright colors such as: pink, yellow or metallic ones. So, this summer is about the confident you. Make it worth your time as you look to live out your fashion dreams!